So, I don’t really like you, but I like your lips, the way they make love to my nipples, to my neck, to my back… Baby touch me right there, touch that nerve, kiss that temple, peck that navel, pull your strap on, hang in there, tighter, harder, daddy deeper. Fuck me with your eyes, … More FERVENT DESIRES


Funny how we let thoughts and emotions consume us.. Or, so we think?! Why do I keep thinking about you.. Even when you make me so angry I didn’t ask for this.. I wanted no attachments I never wanted to get hooked I don’t know exactly how to best describe how I feel Sometimes you … More TEMPEST


The number of times you cross my head exceeds the breathe I take in a minute I miss you,hate admitting this but oh well! You know that moment you try to say you hate someone when all you want to scream is “I want you” So yeah,I have tried filling up my desire for you … More SAVAGE DESIRES


Oh yes! I gave you my vote No one else struck me as fitting, as suitable for the position I decided to trust in your most endearing personality Your ambitions for the society was not only promising but also achievable Your manifesto was well outlined and highlighted your aim of making the society a better … More MR POLITICIAN